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Neiman Marcus

Fashion Island

Newport Beach, California

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Southern California Style


This upscale fashion retail space was originally a three-level store built in 1978 and remodeled in 1985. Our challenge was to expand and renovate a totally new retail space of 163,000 square feet, which would offer a comfortable, modern atmosphere specifically designed for the Southern California environment.


We planned a "casual luxe" design concept that makes use of local materials, emphasizing open space, with natural light and hues. The store layout makes for easy navigation, and the design enhances the overall shopping experience by utilizing color and details to accent and identify locations. Subtle textures are employed throughout in combination with area rugs, polished stones, artisan glass tiles, etched glass, plaster finishes, and other uncommon groupings, along with displays of fine art, which all lend a feeling of relaxed sophistication.

Luxurious fitting rooms are designed for customer convenience, accentuating unique amenities. The main escalator, placed in the light-filled, spacious, three-level atrium, carries shoppers upward through the store’s center for a panoramic look at all the merchandise areas.

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