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Neiman Marcus

Broadway Plaza

Walnut Creek, California

A.R.E. Design Awards
Grand Prize / 2013

PCBC Golden Nugget Awards
Grand Award / 2013

RDI / EHI Design Awards
EuroShop Int’l Store Design / 2012

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Contextual Design


This premier specialty store wanted to present a fresh new vision of modern luxury in a smaller-format retail space, located amidst the rolling hills and tree-lined streets of Walnut Creek's downtown shopping district.


For this 85,000-square-foot three-level store, we planned a series of informal interlocking spaces with the infusion of natural light, which architecturally connected the inside to the outside in a way that very few retail formats can accomplish.

The interior finishes and materials used evoke the region's textures and light, including the rich colors of northern California's landscape. The materials palette comprises a lighter, warmer tonality, and the use of metal and glass screens offers a sense of openness and translucency. We added neutral zones for the store's signature displays of fine art. To lend energy and vitality to the spaces, the perimeters are often sculpted, further recalling the natural surroundings.

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