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Best Buy

Upper West Side

New York City, NY

Chain Store Age
First Place / 2007

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A Strategy Made Visible


We were asked to partner with Best Buy to develop a schematic design applying key elements to create an urban flagship store brand experience. The multi-floor footprint required innovations in layout, interior architecture, fixtures, finishes, and lighting. The goal was to appeal to today’s on-the-go customer, going beyond the familiar Best Buy platform to present a new retail space filled with surprises.


Materials and finishes moved away from the familiar Best Buy palette toward the ambiance of an urban loft. Bold color environmental graphics, often scaled floor-to-ceiling, were developed as emotive references to people using their mobile devices.

We introduced tech solutions selling rooms, with focal attractors that staged logical groupings of products that help customers with their lives, work, and play. More than just a store displaying categories, we conceived a showroom retail space where consumers could be entertained and encouraged to interact with the products before purchasing. Light design throughout was part of the wall and ceiling architecture, to help people move through the space more easily. Hard-surface esplanades presented wide central walkways for ease of navigation, activating all aspects of the floor plan.

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